Strata Electrician Sydney

Strata Electrician Sydney

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  • Empire Electrical Contractors are Fully Licensed & Compliant as a Strata Electrician in Sydney.
  • Experience 9+ Years. Both Residential & Commercial.
  • 1000+ Successful Jobs. 24/7, Quick Response Time.
  • Affordable Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs).
  • Service Quality and Price Guarantee.
  • Special Seniors Discount.
  • $50 Cash back on time Guarantee.
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Empire Electrical Contractors offer complete Electrical Management for Strata Property

Whether residential units or industrial property we have all your ongoing maintenance covered.
Having regular electrical inspections, prevents a lot of down time and issues before they occur. You can have peace of mind as our electrical team runs 24/7 in case of an emergency call out.

Strata Electrical Services

  • We take care of organizing the jobs with the tenants for you, saving you the stress.
  • We arrive on time, guaranteed.
  • We always clean up after ourselves and leave the unit how we found it.
  • OHS Standards are the highly regarded. For every job there is a site risk assessments form. The tenants safety is our first priority.
  • Our highly trained team will look after and communicate with the strata manager, tenants and owners from the start to finish.
  • We can arrange Level 2 Electrical Service Work and complete Electrical Strata Maintenance.
  • Scheduled visits, safety reports and audits.
  • Repair and faultfinding of power lights and hot water.
  • Attending to urgent problems 24/7 availability
  • Installation of new projects.
  • Upgrading wiring to current AS/NZ3000.
At Empire Electrical Contractors, electricians are specially trained to take care of the maintenance work of electricity supply to the buildings. Whether the building is industrial or residential, our engineers carry complete knowledge of electrical management to prevent any disruption in daily routine.
We recommend regular checkups of all electric switch boards of the building in order to save tenants and yourself from any kind of inconvenience. Full time availability of our team 24/7 in an emergencu makes Empire Electrical Contractors, one of the most trusted companies in Sydney and around.

We arrange Level 2 Electrical Service Work

We offer Level 2 Electrical service in which the buildings having low voltage power connections are up-graded and connected to the network to fulfil the required demand/load of electricity. This is done by giving overhead or underground service connections. Our electricians carry years of experience in doing the same and we have completed many a successful projects for this.

Repair and fault-finding of power lights and hot water

Our team quickly identifies if there is any problem with the functioning of hot water heaters or power lights and is always fully equipped with the tools to repair it. Hot water heater problems like the faulty thermostat, faulty upper heating material etc. and improper functioning and other faults of power lights are repaired within no time by our qualified technicians.

Attending to urgent problems 24/7 availability

Our 24/7 availability in urgent cases makes us stand out from rest of the electrician companies. We strive to offer the best services to our clients and their safety is of utmost importance to us. And hence, we are always ready to help and assist you at all times.

Upgrading wiring to current AS/NZ3000

We offer up-gradation of building wires to the current AS/NZ3000 Standards. Our team is fully trained in up grading the house wires without giving the tenants or you any undue inconvenience. We always clean up the mess that is created after the repair work is completed. Our standards of working make us perform better than the any of the other repair companies.

We aim to keep our clients stress-free from all the possible electric hassles and are always available fully equipped at your discretion.