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  • House Wiring/Rewires
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Security Lighting
  • Safety Switches and Surge Diverters
  • Additional Power Points
  • Outdoor Lighting Installations
  • Innovative Lighting Designs
  • Switches, Down Lights and Dimmers
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Entrance Wiring and Repair Service
  • Internet and Data Points
  • Telephone and Television Points
  • Home Cinema and Sound
  • Security/Intercoms/CCTV/Access Control
  • LED Lighting
  • Solar/Solar Repairs
  • Hot Water Services
  • Garden Lighting Installers
  • Fault Detection
  • Electrical Circuits and Motors
  • Home Maintenance Services
  • New Home Build Connection

The Empire Advantage

Lighting Specialist

Innovative Lighting Designs

  • Designers and Builders are constantly coming up with new lighting ideas for decorating homes and commercial spaces. Our elite team of Electrical Technicians and Interior Design Partners stay updated with the latest trends to offer innovative and cost-effective lighting solutions to compliment any space.

Security Lighting and Smoke Alarms

  • Protecting your family is priceless.  Adding Security Lighting to the exterior of your home will deter intruders and alert you to their presence.  Aesthetically, Security Lighting can also be an appealing asset to the facade of your home. Smoke Alarms are not only mandatory in Australia, they are a life saver. Smoke Alarms can be hard wired into your home for a permanent solution or a battery-operated Smoke Alarm can be installed. A Smoke Alarm alerts the occupants when it detects the presence of smoke through optical detectors, the Ionisation process or a combination of both.

Garden Lighting Experts

  • The right lighting in your garden can accentuate the look to achieve the desired effect. We can collaborate with landscape artists to incorporate lighting into the design from conception to installation. Lighting flora, garden paths, patio’s etc.

Down Lights

  • These are lights which are mounted in the ceiling and they throw light downwards in a narrow beam. The illumination from down lights is different from that by traditional lighting.


  • The function of a dimmer is to lower the intensity of light. A dimmer reduces the brightness of a lamp by changing the waveform of the voltage applied.

The latest technology in LED Lighting

  • LED lighting or Light emitting diodes used for lighting are energy saving, environment-friendly and long lasting. However, advancements in technology enabled these lights to evolve with better benefits. Some of these are:
  • LED can now communicate with other devices.
  • They can be connected to the internet of things.
  • Since they do not need to be replaced frequently, they are being used as built-in lighting.
  • LEDs are able to work on a wireless system which is RF based.
  • Applications of LEDs are increasing.

Electrical Wiring and Upgrades

Entrance Wiring and Repair

  • Residential Electrical Entrance is all the wiring, devices and fittings that carry electricity from the transformer to your home. It the following:Wiring from the transformer to the dwelling service point service entrance conductors
  • Meter sockets, pans and enclosures, etc.
  • The Electrical Panel operates as a switchboard for fulfilling all your power requirements. Its operation and functionality are vital to keep up with the ever-increasing power demands.
  • Original wiring will need to be maintained to comply with Council Regulations. Empire Electrical offer Affordable Preventative Maintenance Contracts to ensure your home or office complies with the current regulations.

Switch Board Upgrades

  • Switch Board and Circuit Upgrades should be completed regularly and consistently to reduce the potential risk of electrical hazards. Our experienced team are specifically trained to detect any imminent faults prior to a repair or upgrade. If our electrician finds a fault prior to the upgrade the customer will be notified, and our electrician will advise whether an early upgrade is necessary or if a repair will be adequate.
  • Electrical supply is essential in every home. Electricity performs multiple functions such as lighting, heating, cooling, Appliances, etc. Electricity costs can be effectively minimised by using proper wiring, power points, safety devices etc

House Wiring/Rewires

  • House wiring system is a complex system of carefully designed wiring to fulfil your power needs in a safe manner. The basic electric system in a home consists of a line from the electrical pole to the MCB (Main circuit breaker) panel. From the MCB separate wiring is provided to different rooms, various outlets, light fixture boxes, and various hardwired appliances.
  • Different types of house wiring include:
  • Wiring for lighting and power distribution
  • Portable and permanently installed appliances
  • Wiring for heating and ventilation
  • Telephone wiring
  • Wiring for home theatre
  • Wiring for computer networks

 Power Points and Switches

Additional Power points

  • Older homes have limited power points or socket outlets. Hence, there is a need to install additional Power Points. Installation costs may vary depending on the cable run required. Power Points are recommended to be installed by a qualified licenced Electrician Technician.
  • With the rise in the number of gadgets and appliances, there is an increase in demand for electricity.
  • Older homes not only have to increase the number of connection ports but also update them according to the latest technology.

Commonly used power points

  • Single: Single Socket.
  • Weatherproof: Suitable for outdoor mounting as they are weatherproof.
  • Double:Two Sockets. Double with a switch
  • Power points with additional switches, reducing the clutter on your walls.
  • USB: USB ports for charging various gadgets.


  • A switch is a device which makes or breaks an electrical circuit. This is achieved by interrupting the electron flow in the circuit. Switches are binary in nature. They are either completely closed or completely open.

Data Points

Internet and Data Points

  • An internet point or data point can be defined as a physical infrastructure through which internet service providers exchange Internet traffic between their networks. They are provided in residences by internet service providers to facilitate the use of the internet. The most common ways of data delivery are:
  • •ADSL service which is coupled with telephone cabling.
  • Cable modems
  • Fibre

Television Points

  • There are two types of television connections in homes. They can be free to air or paid connections. The connection system varies for both these.In the case of a free to air connection, there are three elements:• Antenna: It is mounted outdoors at a height. • Coaxial cable: It is a twin lead cable from the antenna to the television. • TV outlet: It is an F connector mounted on a face plate. For multiple connections, an RF Splitter is used to split the connection. In the case of a paid connection, there is a digital set top box which comes with a connector known as Belling Lee. Hence, the cable used for connection will have an F connector at one end and a Belling Lee at the other.:

Telephone Points

  • Telephone wiring is provided in homes from telephone company’s service entrance and different locations within the home.A domestic telephone socket comprises a master socket provided by the service provider. Additional sockets can be wired off from the main socket.

Electrical Safety Device

Safety Switches

  • The function of a safety switch is to safeguard your home from accidents caused by electricity. It provides protection from fire, electric shock, injury or death by switching off the electric supply when an electrical fault is detected.

Surge Diverter

  • The function of a surge diverter is to protect electrical devices from spikes in voltage supply. It protects the device by blocking or earthing voltages above the safe threshold level.

RCD Trip Devices

  • We offer latest devices which can pro-actively protect your home from any kind of electrical fault. Our expert team are trained in fixing Residual-Current trip devices i.e. R.C.D Devices are essential in order to prevent outages. These devices break the electric’s current flow to prevent harm from sudden electric shock. These latest technological devices act to keep the buildings safe from potential electrical failures.

Sustainable Energy

Solar Devices

  • Taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint is not only beneficial for the environment but it also has its economic benefits as well. “solar energy” is a great way to give back to the environment and a great energy source. Installing Solar Devices may seem expensive at first, however as the years progress, they will pay for themselves repeatedly. Solar Devices add value to your home by offering sustainability and innovation. Our Team specialise in Solar Panel Supply, Installation and Maintenance for both Residential and Commercial Premises.

Home Installations and Repairs

Ceiling Fans

  • A ceiling fan is an electrically powered mechanical fan that circulates air. It is suspended from the ceiling of a room. It has rotating paddles for circulating air.

Hot Water Services

  • Hot water services are required by most households for various applications. Hot water is needed by many appliances and equipment in a household. It is required for refrigeration, cooking, lighting, etc. Maximum usage of hot water services is in the bathroom.Types of hot water services used are:
  • Gas heating
  • Solar heating
  • Electrical heating
  • Heat pump Hot water services are one of the major causes for greenhouse gases. Therefore, it is recommended to use a service with the minimum greenhouse effect. It is also a good idea to minimise the usage of hot water services. As technology advances, we will be exposed to more appliances to ease our lives. But, it is essential to be aware that electricity is not a renewable resource. Hence, it should be used with care.

Electricity is essential.

However, it needs to be handled with care.

The same electricity which brightens our lives, can be hazardous for use.

If safety precautions are not followed, it can cause serious accidents and even lead to death.

Electricity is generated using various natural resources and should be preserved and sustained .

So, Illuminate your lives. Use electricity wisely.